Reciprocal Inhibition

There is a lot of heresay on what’s important about functionality of a program or fitness in general. Being “FIT” is relative to the sport or reasoning behind your efforts to workout. All in all it doesn’t matter, our goal is to stay injury free and have fun doing it. We don’t like to overthink fitness and it as a whole. 

Today’s term of the day is “Reciprocal Inhibition” 

We talk about warming up a lot and not so much as to why. First of it helps with the mobility and fluidity of the human anatomy. We will save that for another post. 

Today we used this exercise to teach athletes how to turn on and turn off muscles. When your brain tells your muscles to contract (agonist) the opposing muscle (antagonist) relaxes. It teaches firing order. This before that and vice versa. If the muscles hypothetically fire at the same time you end up with a tear or a strain. It’s like learning to walk and run. Remember fast isn’t always good if in the end it’s injury as a result. Take your time to move well, learn, and intensity comes later down the road when your body is ready for it.