Mob that bod everyday

7 years ago when I opened CrossFit Beyond Limits in Killeen, Texas the infancy of mobility was at its lowest. No one really knew about being mobile. Fast forward to today we have two locations one in Harker Heights and one in Copperas Cove. I (Coach Ben) write the program for both. I am no way a expert in programming and I am still learning how to optimize my athletes who walk in my doors everyday. We have all levels of people in both our facilities but all have one thing in common, the need for mobility and stability in one manner or thee other.

When I write a program I think of everyones need for improvement and not from a performance prespective but from a longevity stand point. The workouts are for cardiovascular function and many other domains. But for the most part to create a well balanced athlete is the fun and hard part of writing a program.

So when you find yourself at home during the weekend or at night it isn't much to ask for your body to get 5-10 minutes of mobility work on the areas you need it in. Think about if you did a minimum of 5 minutes a day before bed or on your free time. If you did that for a week thats 35 minutes! If you did that for a month thats 140 minutes and for a year is 1,680 minutes!!! You will be one mobile ninja!

Here are some stretches you can perform for 5 minutes a day and you will not only improve your mobility, you will feel amazing before you go to bed! Hey if you feel good do it first thing in the morning!

5 min of mobility

1 min in the seated straddle

1 min left side kick stand

1 min right side kick stand

1 min lunge and reach

1 min opposite side lunge and reach