Heart Breaker (CrossFit Kids Day)

Warm up

Coach Led

Strength / Skill

Front Squats

4 x 3 @ 75%

Workout of the day

4 min AMRAP x 3 resting 1 min between each 4 min

35 Wall balls 20/14#


5 HR Push ups

CrossFit Kids (courtesy of BrandX Kids)

WARM-UP: Circle run perimeter of 30’ x 30’ area When trainer calls “Freeze” (approximately every 30 seconds), kids do two tuck jumps

FOCUS: Frog stands and head stands – teach and practice making triangle bottom with hands and head at top, elbows in. Put one knee at a time on elbows.

GET READY: 1:00 Samson stretch each side 1:00 piriformis stretch each side

CONDITIONING: AMGMAP in 8:00 10 meters of broad jumping High-knee skip back 10 grasshoppers