Our girl Megan, military wife & mother to two beautiful angels one of which attends our kids program, Kora, 3 years old and loving it! Megan, making the squat look easy with the ideal position. With her new Nike Rameleos 3 for weightlifting! It’s a lifestyle!  

Warm up 

Coach Led 

Strength / Skill 

:30 seconds hollow hold

:30 s rest 

:30 s Hand Stand hole (face wall)

:30 s rest 

X 8 rounds 

Workout of the day

6 min AMRAP 

7 shoulder to over heads 115/85#

10 pull ups 

15 burpees 

Rest 2 min 

6 min AMRAP 

15 shoulder to overheads 

10 pull ups 

7 burpees 

Accumulate as many reps as you can