“No more mommy butt”

Many times, after women give birth, their joints and ligaments can feel a bit foreign. This makes a lot of sense because your body just went through A LOT to grow and birth a baby! One of the reasons a lot of post-partum women complain is because they have limited hip mobility. Your hip has to move correctly in the socket. When you kick your leg back, your hip has to glide forward. When you flex, your femur has to glide back. What happens when you lose this mobility? If the hip doesn’t move correctly, the core and pelvic floor have to compensate for it. If the hip is forward in the socket, there is nowhere for it to glide. This can make it difficult to move efficiently. Weak external rotators and lack of core strength lead to glute clenching. Clenching over time causes a loss of internal rotation and range of motion. And a loss of internal rotation causes a loss of external rotation strength. Remember that a muscle must fully lengthen to be able to fully contract. To create great glutes, we have to re-establish internal rotation to create space to roll back and glide forward. Do you struggle with hip mobility post-partum? What can you do to help? Stop clenching! Whenever you are standing, do a mental check to see if you are clenching your glutes or keeping them relaxed. If your glutes are clenched, try to relax them. Instead of using your glutes to stabilize yourself, try to hinge at the hips instead. If you feel really unbalanced, we need to work on strengthening your core instead of allowing your glutes to compensate.