Friday Mar 20, 2020

Warm up

CFHH Warm up. We will put a video together this weekend

5 min row/bike/run (pick any you can do)

5 per side worlds greatest stretch

CARs shoulders

CARs hips


Power clean complex

high hang pc + low hang pc + from floor pc (1+1+1) x 12 sets

EMOM perform all 3 in the minute then rest remainder

Use 60-75% of 1RM of your power clean

If you are at home and do not have access to a bar you can use a ball, dumb bells, or PVC pipe. Work on form.


Tabata (20 sec work / 10 sec rest ) x 8 sets

Push ups

Air squats

Sit ups

Double unders

Do all 8 sets of each then move to next. Add the last set of each for your total RAW score.

We are going to miss you guys! Be safe and let us know if you need anything!